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An occasional travel blog keeps family and friends up to date during trips, and a 2010 blog did the same during five months' road trips across the U.S. and Canada.
Hunters Point Shipyard Artists logo I maintain the Hunters Point Shipyard Artists website here in San Francisco on behalf of the Shipyard Trust for the Arts, whose website I also help maintain.

I maintain the professional site of mezzo-soprano Anamer Castrello.


I created the website of the Adams Morgan Advisory Neighborhood Commission, ANC 1-C, local government in my Washington, DC, neighborhood. It is now in the capable hands of my neighbor Maureen Gallagher.

Coral Cantigas

I also created the website of Coral Cantigas, the Hispanic choir of Washington, DC, where I sang for years. Jorge Sepúlveda now ably manages their website

I was an active member and occasionally webmaster of the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, a non-violent pro-choice organization.

Rachel's blog Risking Significance was a journal of her last battle with brain cancer.

I'm a Wikipedia contributor and donor


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Updated December 16, 2009